The ‘kutty Chutty’ van initiative

Prayas Trust, in association with the Children Toy Foundation (CTF), dedicated the mobile Fun ‘n’ Learn Van, brightly painted and festooned with fun paraphernalia, a mobile-classroom for the underprivileged children, in Government and Corporation schools. 

This ‘Fun n Learn’ van aptly named ‘Kutty Chutty bus’ is filled with educational toys and games and helps in honing the skills of children, is designed by the ladies of Prayas, every motif, every fun image painted on the bus has been carefully thought of to achieve academic excellence. 

The van visits about ten to twelve schools a month and, orphanages during weekends. Kids play, learn and have fun through the initiative. For the fun and learning activities, children are grouped and supervised by teachers, who along with the Prayas members, perform dramas and puppet shows which the children from each group have to then enact. Songs from popular cinemas are a big hit and a regular event in most of the sessions. The games that are taught range from puzzles, board games, educative games, memory tests and IQ-improvement games, all of which help children to develop analytical thinking.